Jul. 21st, 2009

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Well, let's start form the beginning.
I'm on WinXP. It works for me, ok.
I have the windows updates set for automatic. I have a choice to install the SP3 update, and so far, I've said no.
I occasionally read other blogs, and I came across a blog entry (I forget where or when, so I have no idea how to find it again.)
that gave dire warnings about Internet Explorer 8 (IE8).
I didn't think much about it, since I hadn't recieved it yet, but those warnings percolated and made me a bit jittery. This computer is mine. I have no other computers with which to look at the 'net, so if this one goes 'poof' in any form, I'm going to be a bit upset. But, it's only a thing, when all is said and done. I'll cope. Maybe. *wry grin*.
Now, tonight, I recieved an update.
It was IE8. I stopped it installing. I went onto the 'net and read about other bugs and problems in IE8.
But, luckily for me, I also read that if you don't have SP3 installed, you can uninstall IE8. I'll do that.
I'm a bit scared, to say the least. But, unfortunately, I've got no choice but to re-boot the computer every so often, and either tonight or tomorrow, I'll have to re-boot.
IE8 might install (might not, according to some reports). If there's no problems installing IE8 and/or re-booting, I'll then uninstall IE8.
Here's crossing fingers my computer re-boots with no problems, and that all goes well with other things. *whew*

I'll be back with an post if/when all is well.
Anyway, who knows, IE8 might work just fine on here.



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