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Even though I'm an only child, I have a LARGE extended family. So I decided to start a family tree to a) sort all the relationships out (with in-laws having families that want to be IN (quite rightly) one of my Family tree sections and b) to continue the tree my Mother and Father started to find members of HER extended family that had only been talked about. Then there's c) to allow a family tree that would be accessible to any family member that wanted to see (and if wanted, print) it, rather than waiting for my Dad to find the file, upload it into his Spectrum QL computer and print it out (takes a day or two) before mailing it off to them.

So I tried out the Genes Reunited website, accessible in the US and the UK, and I loaded up my Dad's side of the family, turns out that there's over 210 people. It's a lovely interface and a lovely tree.
Then comes the crunch. In order for anyone to access it, they (and I) have to get a paid subscription. Kind of peed me off.

So then I notice that Facebook (I joined to contact family members, which has been very successful as long as they wanted to "friend" me) had an Family Link application that I could input my Family tree into. It wasn't quite as nice as Genes Reunited, but it was FREE, and as long as other family memebers signed up to Facebook and got the Family Link Application, they could access the tree also for FREE. "Good stuff" I thought, and started the long trek of inputting the large (and now going to get larger) family tree.

Family Link decide to revamp their application/website and promptly lose the tree. Ticked me off. I waited and waited for the application to re-start

It eventually happens and I sign up again (the FREE access was calling) and start to re-input the family tree a couple of months ago. At this point it's now at near 300 people (Mother's side is going in as well) and going to grow (I figure it'll top out at about 400-ish people without the updates from the current generation).

The site is now not letting me in (I'm not taking it personally). There's bugs all over the site and it's SLOW.

I think, due to my lack of patience and tendency to blow-up, I'll leave the site alone for a couple weeks. I'm hoping that everything will have been worked out by then.



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