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I hadn't realised the last time I posted was just over a year ago. I feel bad.
In fact, the only reason I'm here is because a friend wants to promote her artwork and I thought this would help get her a bit more of an internet presence.
So I signed on to friend her and noticed how lax I had been.

I'm fine. The weight loss seems to be sticking at 9 stone 8, though I've gained a few holiday pounds. I'm sure I can lose them with a bit of judicious exercising. That's the problem with Birthday/Thanksgiving/Christmas/New Year food. There's too much and while you mean to, you can't say "enough".

I'm still in exercise groups. I haven't signed up for them, but that will happen tomorrow for the first set of 2012 terms.

My extended family is fine. There's been a small explosion of second and thrid cousins.

But unfortunately, the family trees are at a standstill and have been over 2011. I'm on a netbook, and the graphics on most of the webpages are too "strong" (for want of a better term) for the processor I have. Oh well.

I'm still knitting and have been churning out projects (more than 60% finished) over 2011. I have the feeling much will continue the same over 2012.

I have read more over 2011 than the previous 3 years. With the help of the GoodReads website and their reading challenge, I read 54 books (I started a lot more, but I finished that many). I'm hoping (since they have another one for 2012) I'll read over 60.

Ok, hopefully I'll post here more than 2010 (I'd like to say more than last year, but this entry alone has beat last years postings). I'm not saying I will, but I hope so.


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