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Well, the knitting is ticking along - I've decided that the cowl I completed in March will get a pair of flip-top mittens to complete the set. I've knitted enough hats, and I really would like the challenge of the mittens. I've done quite a few pairs of fingerless mittens, and one pair of thrummed mittens (mittens with lots of tufts knitted in for insulation). I've even got a pair of gloves (lace ones, to be extra fun) on the go, so a pair of flip-top mittens will be next.

I'm also working on a new shawl (Coquille, from, in laceweight Zauberball yarn. It really should have been knitted in fingering/4-ply, but I had the laceweight all ready to go. Ah well. it's looking very pretty so far.

The garden is still in limbo - which surprises me, but life got in the way. I'm hoping for better luck next year.

My weight's gone up yet again, and that's not making me happy, but my clothes haven't gotten any tighter since the last entry, so I'll chalk it up to gaining muscle mass, and leave it at that.

And now to the title. . .for some reason, I was able to gain access and work on my family tree on facebook. I updated it as far as I was able, and it's up to 347 members. I'm pretty pleased at that. I need to get updated on living people, as I know for a fact that there's people missing (as there will always be in a large extended family - you can't keep in touch with everyone, no matter how hard you try.). I'll just hope for the best as time goes on.
I would love to make a trip to both Sicily (Paternal Grandma) and Slovakia (paternal Grandpa), as there are family there. I could get to Sicily and wander around, but going to Slovakia would be a bit difficult. I don't speak anything other than English, and in order to gain access to diocese records, I will need either Serbo-Croat or Czech (or an interpreter). I also have to go to Ireland (Maternal Great-grandparents came from both north and south Ireland), but I'm not sure about that. I *really* need to know where to go, as it's not a small place. The last place is Cheshire (Maternal Great-grandfather). Not a big deal, but again, which Church/chapel. . . ah well. I'll do some of it eventually.

I'm off to read. I've been doing a lot of that lately, and making good progress on my reading challenge. I've upped the amount to 84 books, and I'm 2 ahead right now.



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