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I like this journal. Unfortunately, I forget to post even sporadically.

I'm not knitting right now - it's kind of unfortunate because I've many projects that need finishing. I just needed a break for 2016.

I am, however, working on cross-stitching and beading. I'm happy.

I'm also reading and trying to keep ahead of a reading goal on Goodreads. I'm doing well, and about 4 books ahead. I'm hoping to keep it that way.

That's about all for this post today. We'll see what happens next month....
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Well, since 2012, I seem to be developing a pattern. One year slow, one year busy.

I finished 12 items in 2012, 31in 2013 and so far, I've finished 11 in 2014.

I've made:
17 shawls
9 pieces of headwear (hats, headbands and something else I can't remember)
7 piars of mittens (1 pair of fliptop mittens and the rest fingerless mittens)
6 small "ditty" bags (small drawstring bags).
5 scarves,
2 cowls,
2 sweaters (one fluffy warm jacket I haven't yet worn and an UGLY (too small) wrap sweater I eventually gaveaway)
A teapot cozy,
A coffeecup holder/muff (I'm eventually going to make another one).

I really (right now) don't know how many projects I've started and not yet finished since May 2012, but I'll guess there's over 15.

I don't think I'm going to finish another 3 projects this year (I'm trying to match the amount of projects finished to match the year), but I might. We'll see what happens.

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Well, it's been a while. I have been lazy, lets face it. But, to make myself feel better, I have a tablet (a Samsung Tab 2 7.0), which I've had since roughly April, *and* a new toy for the tablet - a bluetooth keyboard. It'll make posting entries on the fly much easier, and with this little keyboard, I'll be more inclined to make them.
. . . It's not certain I'll make them in a timely manner, but they'll definitely be more frequent than they have been.

Ok. I'm still proceeding with knitting, reading and other crafting. I'm not going to make a long list in here of what I've done since the last entry, as I don't really feel like it, but their appearances should come eventually.

Suffice it to say, I'm still getting used to the peculiarities of my little keyboard (. . .and I *really* like it, even with its annoying connection foibles) as I've only had it for a few weeks, but I've not really had much chance to use it, so right now, I'm just typing for typing's sake.

. . . I'll quit now . . .

Until the next time.
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Well, the knitting is ticking along - I've decided that the cowl I completed in March will get a pair of flip-top mittens to complete the set. I've knitted enough hats, and I really would like the challenge of the mittens. I've done quite a few pairs of fingerless mittens, and one pair of thrummed mittens (mittens with lots of tufts knitted in for insulation). I've even got a pair of gloves (lace ones, to be extra fun) on the go, so a pair of flip-top mittens will be next.

I'm also working on a new shawl (Coquille, from, in laceweight Zauberball yarn. It really should have been knitted in fingering/4-ply, but I had the laceweight all ready to go. Ah well. it's looking very pretty so far.

The garden is still in limbo - which surprises me, but life got in the way. I'm hoping for better luck next year.

My weight's gone up yet again, and that's not making me happy, but my clothes haven't gotten any tighter since the last entry, so I'll chalk it up to gaining muscle mass, and leave it at that.

And now to the title. . .for some reason, I was able to gain access and work on my family tree on facebook. I updated it as far as I was able, and it's up to 347 members. I'm pretty pleased at that. I need to get updated on living people, as I know for a fact that there's people missing (as there will always be in a large extended family - you can't keep in touch with everyone, no matter how hard you try.). I'll just hope for the best as time goes on.
I would love to make a trip to both Sicily (Paternal Grandma) and Slovakia (paternal Grandpa), as there are family there. I could get to Sicily and wander around, but going to Slovakia would be a bit difficult. I don't speak anything other than English, and in order to gain access to diocese records, I will need either Serbo-Croat or Czech (or an interpreter). I also have to go to Ireland (Maternal Great-grandparents came from both north and south Ireland), but I'm not sure about that. I *really* need to know where to go, as it's not a small place. The last place is Cheshire (Maternal Great-grandfather). Not a big deal, but again, which Church/chapel. . . ah well. I'll do some of it eventually.

I'm off to read. I've been doing a lot of that lately, and making good progress on my reading challenge. I've upped the amount to 84 books, and I'm 2 ahead right now.

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I'm still ticking along on the knitting, and I work on something (sometimes multiple somethings) every day. I'm surprised, as there's been days that I haven't initially wanted to knit on anything, but something internal nudges me and I start knitting on something. So far, in March, I've finished 2 shawls and a cowl. I've cast on another shawl and I'm planning to knit either a beret or a hat to go along with the cowl, but it's been a bit difficult finding a pattern in chunky yarn that I like. I'm sure that I'll find one eventually.

The reading of books is also coming along nicely. I'm reading enough (13 books so far this year) that I've updated my goodreads widget from a target of 64 to a target of 72 books. I might, depending if I keep to my present reading speed, increase it to 100 books. I'm not holding my breath on that one, though. It does mean, however, that I can seriously start looking at books in my overflowing house library to winnow out and donate to "others". Others meaning family, friends, or charity organizations. I'm actually pleased about that. I never thought I would be, being a bookworm.

I'm recovering from a particularly evil and persistant cold that I had for two and 1/2 weeks. I'm still "suffering" with an insidious cough/post nasal drip, but I can live with that. I'm not contagious anymore, so I can finally get back to my exercise classes and the choir. Just to be clear. I don't, as a rule, get colds, so when I do,they're virulent. I don't go and be sociable in those cases as I see a lot of people over 50. If I catch it and find it hard to deal with, then I figure there's a good chance anyone over 50 will end up in hospital. Not a good thing.

I'm starting on a 15 minute clean-up regime. To put it bluntly, the house is a dump. I can't do a blast clean-up, as my brain will just implode at the amount of work that needs doing, but I can handle a chunk of 15 minutes at a time. I can, as the days pass, do multiple 15 minute chunks, but the limited time frame will enable me to accomplish more than moving a few things around and getting overwhelmed.

The garden (container garden) might possibly be cleared out and re-started this spring. I've done nothing with it for 3 years, it's completely overgrown and exhausted and I know there's things that I want to accomplish with it that are easy and minimally invasive (no mint, violets, ferns or bamboo). I just want a nice food-frendly garden that I can eat things from all-year-round. I'll at least get a start on it this year, even if it means I only do 2 boxes.

Ok, that's enough of an entry.

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I hadn't realised the last time I posted was just over a year ago. I feel bad.
In fact, the only reason I'm here is because a friend wants to promote her artwork and I thought this would help get her a bit more of an internet presence.
So I signed on to friend her and noticed how lax I had been.

I'm fine. The weight loss seems to be sticking at 9 stone 8, though I've gained a few holiday pounds. I'm sure I can lose them with a bit of judicious exercising. That's the problem with Birthday/Thanksgiving/Christmas/New Year food. There's too much and while you mean to, you can't say "enough".

I'm still in exercise groups. I haven't signed up for them, but that will happen tomorrow for the first set of 2012 terms.

My extended family is fine. There's been a small explosion of second and thrid cousins.

But unfortunately, the family trees are at a standstill and have been over 2011. I'm on a netbook, and the graphics on most of the webpages are too "strong" (for want of a better term) for the processor I have. Oh well.

I'm still knitting and have been churning out projects (more than 60% finished) over 2011. I have the feeling much will continue the same over 2012.

I have read more over 2011 than the previous 3 years. With the help of the GoodReads website and their reading challenge, I read 54 books (I started a lot more, but I finished that many). I'm hoping (since they have another one for 2012) I'll read over 60.

Ok, hopefully I'll post here more than 2010 (I'd like to say more than last year, but this entry alone has beat last years postings). I'm not saying I will, but I hope so.
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I'm awake at 3:30am, and I need to do something, so typing it is. I've been knitting, eating, surfing and watching TV, often two things at once and once three of them at once. I don't know how I did it. Something must have been half-assed.

Anyway, the knitting is moderately back on track. I've gotten the netbook connected up to the wireless router and running (thank god, it's freezing upstairs, and that computer's off-line -but running- due to a trojan) *sigh*.

I've been attending Tai Chi and Yoga classes that are taking a break for Christmas/New Year's, and I'm feeling the benefits greatly. I'll be adding some Aerobics classes in January to get me even healthier. *rar*.

I'm also confirmed as being lactose intolerant and that's helping me lose inches of fat. *whoo*. As said somewhere before, I'm missing the dairy stuff, but not enough to find substitutes.

The soft white stuff (snow) has been falling recently, and it's lovely, but people forget this happened last year, and treat it as if their tyres will fall off if they drive too fast. *sigh*.

I'm now getting tired of thinking of things to write about and I want to watch programs about vetrinarians (Bionic Vet) and nibble on blocks of marzipan. . .

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Even though I'm an only child, I have a LARGE extended family. So I decided to start a family tree to a) sort all the relationships out (with in-laws having families that want to be IN (quite rightly) one of my Family tree sections and b) to continue the tree my Mother and Father started to find members of HER extended family that had only been talked about. Then there's c) to allow a family tree that would be accessible to any family member that wanted to see (and if wanted, print) it, rather than waiting for my Dad to find the file, upload it into his Spectrum QL computer and print it out (takes a day or two) before mailing it off to them.

So I tried out the Genes Reunited website, accessible in the US and the UK, and I loaded up my Dad's side of the family, turns out that there's over 210 people. It's a lovely interface and a lovely tree.
Then comes the crunch. In order for anyone to access it, they (and I) have to get a paid subscription. Kind of peed me off.

So then I notice that Facebook (I joined to contact family members, which has been very successful as long as they wanted to "friend" me) had an Family Link application that I could input my Family tree into. It wasn't quite as nice as Genes Reunited, but it was FREE, and as long as other family memebers signed up to Facebook and got the Family Link Application, they could access the tree also for FREE. "Good stuff" I thought, and started the long trek of inputting the large (and now going to get larger) family tree.

Family Link decide to revamp their application/website and promptly lose the tree. Ticked me off. I waited and waited for the application to re-start

It eventually happens and I sign up again (the FREE access was calling) and start to re-input the family tree a couple of months ago. At this point it's now at near 300 people (Mother's side is going in as well) and going to grow (I figure it'll top out at about 400-ish people without the updates from the current generation).

The site is now not letting me in (I'm not taking it personally). There's bugs all over the site and it's SLOW.

I think, due to my lack of patience and tendency to blow-up, I'll leave the site alone for a couple weeks. I'm hoping that everything will have been worked out by then.

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Ok, I've been reading about the LJ crossposting debacle. I'm not happy about it.
But do I really want to import in my LiveJournal?
I'm not sure about that, seeing that the vast majority was written in a different "phase" of my life, It's not something I really want to be able to access here in Dreamwidth. Therefore, I've been giving thought to trashing some of the content in my LJ.

Obviously I'm not decided. Maybe that'll happen by the end of the month. Not that I have to worry that any people will make comments to my LiveJournal entries, that is.
*wry grin*.

Later. Possibly.
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I've re-activated my account on Goodreads - why? I have thousands of books I don't really want to orgnize - or do I? *grin*. Ok, I'm proud of my library and want to show it off. It need organizing, but that's going to take years, not days, no matter how many times I wish for it to be otherwise.

On the computer front, I've happily added the previously talked about update to be "not-installed" in my list. The first one is the SP3 update to WinXP, and the other one is the dreaded IE8. All is good.

I'm off to knit and plan about books and look at my growing reading pile. *whew*
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Well, I went to Photobucket. I don't know if it's the best place for what I want, but I know it works for the most part.

So, here's a photo of one of the (many) Cross Stitch pieces I'm periodically working on. . .

I haven't been using a hoop on this piece, as the only ones I have large enough have metal in them, and I know from past experience that I'll eventually have non-removable rust stains on the piece from the metal. So I'm working on it free in the hand. It's working so long as I stick to my rigid rule of washing my hands before even picking up the bag that everything is in, never mind actually working on the piece itsself.

I'm also planning, albeit slowly, to load up photos of all of the cross stitch pieces I have/have not been working on.

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Is going to have to wait.
I was going to upload it, but it seems that I need to find somewhere else to save it on/in the web. I'll go looking and report back as soon as possible (not in Flickr, as I post all my knitting and crochet work there).

Until then.
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I've been thinking about the swine 'flu. Worrying a little about it. I caught the 'flu bug a few years ago when my immune system was in the toilet and I'm not convinced it's back to it's usual virility. I could be wrong.
I've been frequently downtown via the train and every time I visited both the bank and a public toilet. So I know I've been subjected to the swine flu "bug". So far I've been missed (well, I make sure to wash my hands when I've been to the toilet). I'm crossing fingers all will be well. We shall see during this winter - if swine 'flu does re-appear with the stronger varient, that is.

Forget the other stuff. I'm not into typing out my knitting projects right now. I've got to visit other journals right now.



Jul. 23rd, 2009 01:36 am
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I dodged the bullet concerning IE8 installation so far. I stopped it while it was "unpacking" the files and it asked me to re-start. No IE8 appeared when that had happened. I don't know if the files for IE8 are still in the automatic updater, and for right now, I'm going to stay in the dark. In the future, I'll do a "custom update" with the updater as it gives me the option of doing and hopefully (cross fingers), that way, I'll be able to not have the IE8 install.
I'd like to find a way of deleting the installation files for it, but I don't know where to find them. Ah well. I'll cross the IE8 bridge when I get to it. *grr*

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Well, let's start form the beginning.
I'm on WinXP. It works for me, ok.
I have the windows updates set for automatic. I have a choice to install the SP3 update, and so far, I've said no.
I occasionally read other blogs, and I came across a blog entry (I forget where or when, so I have no idea how to find it again.)
that gave dire warnings about Internet Explorer 8 (IE8).
I didn't think much about it, since I hadn't recieved it yet, but those warnings percolated and made me a bit jittery. This computer is mine. I have no other computers with which to look at the 'net, so if this one goes 'poof' in any form, I'm going to be a bit upset. But, it's only a thing, when all is said and done. I'll cope. Maybe. *wry grin*.
Now, tonight, I recieved an update.
It was IE8. I stopped it installing. I went onto the 'net and read about other bugs and problems in IE8.
But, luckily for me, I also read that if you don't have SP3 installed, you can uninstall IE8. I'll do that.
I'm a bit scared, to say the least. But, unfortunately, I've got no choice but to re-boot the computer every so often, and either tonight or tomorrow, I'll have to re-boot.
IE8 might install (might not, according to some reports). If there's no problems installing IE8 and/or re-booting, I'll then uninstall IE8.
Here's crossing fingers my computer re-boots with no problems, and that all goes well with other things. *whew*

I'll be back with an post if/when all is well.
Anyway, who knows, IE8 might work just fine on here.

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Well, It's an entry.
I don't think I'm one for creating an entry on the fly, but I know that's wrong.
I know that I do it more often than I admit. I have Journals in at least 4 other Journal companies and I know that I don't post in 2 of them. I also have a Facebook "page" and pages in Shelfari and Goodreads that I actively (for me) post at.
So the chance of me preparing a post on any of them is minimal. So fly-creating is more common that I like to admit.

So. I'm prevaricating. What am I writing about? Nothing. I'm here, bored, as it's about midnight and I've got a touch of the monthly insomnia (possibly a bit manic). I should really be knitting, since I've got a shawl to work on, but I'm not in the right frame of mind and I can't clean house since the noise would be inconsiderate to my neighbours. Reading? No, not in the mood.

So I'm here.

Maybe I shouldn't be.
I'll go and find something else to do. *grin*.


First post

Jul. 17th, 2009 08:50 pm
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Well, here I finally am. Not much to say about myself. I've got other journals (obviously, or I wouldn't have known about Dreamwidth).

I'm not a prolific (or constant) poster, but I will be here irregularly during the month. I don't know what I'll talk about, but I'll make an effort to post at least twice a month on something.